Polyester Silver Weft Satin Ribbon Silver Weft Ribbon Retail & Wholesale


Shopping Cheap Polyester Silver Weft Satin Ribbon and more Silver Weft Satin Ribbon for Sale,Weft Silver Satin Ribbon Retail,Double Faced Silver Weft Ribbon Wholesale.

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Application: Easy Ribbon Bow, Ribbon Necklaces,Ribbon Roses,Ribbon Scrunchie,Ribbon Necklaces,Ribbon Headband,Ribbon For Bows,Ribbon And Bows,Ribbon Around Neck,Ribbons And Bows For Gifts,Ribbon Wands,Ribbon Dancer Wand,Ribbon Hair Tie,Color Ribbons For Crafts,Ribbons For Gifts,Ribbons For Party Chairs,Ribbons For Hair Bows,Ribbons For Chairs.

Colors: 000,007,012,028,029,030,123,187,250,322,430,614,815,835

Specification: 3mm (Volume 1 = 500 yards)      /6mm  9mm 16mm 22mm 38mm (Volume 1 = 100 yards)

Cross-border Sources: No

Quality Grade: Excellent Products


Welcome to buy Gift Packaging Wholesale Polyester Silver Weft Satin Ribbon Handmade Accessories.

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Weight N/A

000, 007, 012, 028, 029, 030, 123, 187, 250, 322, 430, 614, 815, 835


3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 16mm, 22mm, 38mm

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  1. mdadd

    Quality ribbon and color is very beautiful, thank you!

  2. ldsvd

    Very cute, excellent quality, very fast shipping

  3. kugdwd

    IS the second order. Great quality

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